amazon3NO MO DUI is the most useful police locator and traffic law app in Missouri. Keep track of Missouri speed traps, DWI checkpoints, and more. Learn your rights at checkpoints, or easily contact a lawyer in-app!

App Features

  • Real time alerts for police speed traps, road hazards, heavy police presence, checkpoints, and more.
  • Missouri DWI Checkpoint AlertsReport feature allows users to easily share speed traps and checkpoints they spot.
  • Interactive map with locations of Missouri red light cameras.
  • Video or audio recording feature, allowing you to easily record a police encounter, such as a traffic stop, and send it to the Traffic Law Stop lawyers.
  • 1 Click Call A Ride: easily contact a local cab company if you have had too much to drink.
  • Learn your rights at a DWI checkpoint.
  • 1 Click Call a Lawyer.
  • Submit your traffic ticket to the Traffic Law Stop lawyers right on the app!
  • Coupon codes for Traffic Law Stop legal services.
  • More features coming soon!